blood syndicate

imran series Bloody Syndicate pdf

Download imran series bloody syndicate.The creator of Bloody Syndicate Imran Series Pdf is Mazhar Kaleem MA. Another crucial component of Imran Series Mazhar Kaleem is it. The author discussed certain crooks who put them together in a gang. They began terrorism in the nation with the assistance of certain foreign operatives.

When the Pakistani secret agency learned about it, they prepared a plan of action. The crew was commanded by Ali Imran, who pursued the mafia after it had slain hundreds of people. Ali Imran battled the Bloody Syndicate and eliminated every one of its members. In this action, he was assisted by a few other organisations.

Mazhar Kaleem MA was a prominent Urdu author and storyteller. He began his career writing digests and then went on to work in radio. He wrote several tales and books, notably the Imran Series. Mazhar Kaleem, MA, became well-known for his distinctive writing style. I hope you like reading and sharing the book Bloody Syndicate Imran Series Pdf.

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red master

imran series red master pdf

Download Imran Series pdf red Masters Imran Series Pdf by Zaheer Ahmed is an exciting, action-packed, and suspenseful novel. Another chapter in the popular Imran Series by Zaheer Ahmed, it has received positive reader feedback. The author discusses Israel’s plot to annihilate Pakistan by hiding a missile launch facility there.

Ali Imran looked for the island where all of the installations were located. He entered the laboratory after assaulting the security personnel. Ali Imran murdered the person implementing this scheme and destroyed every form of apparatus. The Jews learned a lesson from the Red Masters’ scheme failing.

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saadal plain

imran series saadaal plan pdf

Zaheer Ahmed, which covers another perilous secret service assignment in Pakistan. The author revealed the schemes of an Acremian agent who intended to have influence over every missile installation and ammunition storage facility in Pakistan.

He assigned certain operatives certain responsibilities. Due to his ego, he had no qualms about murdering others. Ali Imran made a decision after he was aware of his strategy. He murdered each of his operatives, including the team’s captain. He thereby caused the Saadaal Plan to collapse.

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dimond blast

imran series Diamond Blaster pdf

Download imran series pdf diamond blaster formula created by a professor from Pakasia was stolen, according to the author.

For its defence, Pakasia needed to use this strategy. A terrorist organisation was simultaneously trying to acquire it for financial gain. They were successful in attaining what they sought to provide to the superpower. Once he had the Diamond Blaster recipe, Ali Imran pursued the gang and eliminated its members.

Urdu book readers are familiar with the name Zaheer Ahmed. He is one of Urdu’s most well-known novelists and best storytellers.

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imran series Sakaal pdf

It details the actions of a few Kafirstani operatives who worked in Pakistan and revealed numerous national secrets to their adversaries.

This incident also implicated several army officers. For pay, they served as a facilitator for the terrorists. Ali Imran pursued the adversaries and captured them. In the interim, he disregarded Sir Sultan and made the decision to kill every enemy agent. All missions are detailed in sakaal.

Famous novelist and short story writer Zaheer Ahmed.

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