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Sushmita Sen gave a stern reply to those who called her a gold digger

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Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen has written a post on social media about those criticizing her relationship with former IPL chairman and businessman Lalit Kumar Modi. Those who spoke against Sushmita termed her as a ‘gold digger’ i.e. greedy for wealth. Sushmita has expressed regret for the mentality of such people and thanked her well-wishers.

After the news of the relationship between Lalit Modi, who started the Indian Premier League IPL of Cricket, and actress Sushmita Sen came out, there is a strong reaction on social media.

Some people were mocking Lalit Modi that his hard work paid off after a long wait. So some targeted Sushmita as a gold digger.

In the meantime, Sushmita Sen posted a picture of herself on Instagram and wrote, ‘It is painful to see how the world around us is becoming frustrated and unhappy. The so-called intellectuals talking nonsense. Ignorance. Full of mean and sometimes hilarious gossipers. People who have never been my friends. Or whom I have never met. are Want to take advantage of this ‘gold digger‘. Wow these people are so clever!!!

Sushmita further wrote that ‘I talk about more than gold. I always like diamonds.’ And even today I buy them myself. It was nice to have the support of all my well-wishers. I want to tell you that your sush is perfectly fine because I never depend on the dim light that you get when others accept you. I myself am a sun. Me and my conscience are important to me!!’

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