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White Blood Imran Series Pdf is written by Zaheer Ahmed. The book is a part of Zaheer Ahmed’s Imran Series, which also includes an exciting novel with action, humour, and suspense. The author described a Nawab’s life who resided in Acremia. He moved to Pakasia to reside there with his family.

The dad wanted to see his family prosper, but his daughter used Abul Hassan to try to trap him. She intends to murder Nawab, but Ali Imran intervened. He set up some bugging equipment in the girl’s room and recorded her strategy. Selfishness in interpersonal relationships was the theme of White Blood.

Leading Urdu author and storyteller Zaheer Ahmed is well-known for his works. He began his writing career with digests and produced several children’s blockbuster hits. Later, he focused on action books and wrote the Imran Series. I hope you enjoy reading and sharing the book White Blood Imran Series Pdf.

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