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Download imran series snake point. The author of the book Snake Point Imran Series Pdf is Zaheer Ahmed. The second instalment of the Imran Series. The tale of Zaheer Ahmed is suspenseful, horrifying, and action-packed. Zaheer Ahmed explains a Kafirstani agency’s aim. He was looking to Pakasia for a missile recipe.

The enemy spies completed their task, but they did it by entering some rock-cut caverns. It was a snake point where many man-eating snakes were present. Ali Imran pursued his adversaries and showed them how animals behave. Later, after obtaining the formula file, he assassinated all the operatives.

Zaheer Ahmed is a well-known Urdu author and storyteller. He had a lengthy career and frequently contributed to digests. He wrote hundreds of children’s stories that were widely read. Zaheer Ahmed is well-known for writing action novels like the Imran Series. I sincerely hope you like reading and sharing Snake Point Imran Series Pdf.

snake point

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