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Make new friends quick and fast: Secrets Tips and Tricks

Smart Guide that can change your life positively

Why Do We Need Make Friends????

Making new friends is essential part of our life. Man is a social animal. He needs friends, family, colleagues and society to live a healthy life. I want to say that people need friends for their good physical and mental health. They promote healthy behaviors in society.  They give you moral and emotional support at difficult times. They give you confidence and courage to beat stress.

“Good friends are your life line that push you to move towards success.”

Make New Friends Fast

Friends have a great impact on how you spend your life. They can make you live a better and healthy life.Friends  are as important as a good diet for your good health. Friends are very crucial for your mental and spiritual well being.

Social connections are always important in life. Maintaining and developing good friendship relations are not as easy as you think. They need special care and techniques to develop good friendships in schools. Colleges, university and at your workplace.

          Friends play an important part in making your life easy. They are good for your mental as well as physical health. They provide you emotional support when you feel alone and distracted. They are a source of making you a calm, peaceful and healthy person. The building of friendship is built on confidence, trust, love and affection. Friends are people that help you to beat stress.

Friendship is a mutual affectionate relationship between two or more people. It is a more powerful form of interpersonal bond than a “familiarity” or “association” with a classmate, neighbor, coworker, or colleague.

Friendships are attachments formed by two or more people who want to interact with each other. It entails taking an interest in one another’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Friendships are built on trust, care, respect and emotional support.

Everyone has a close friend called “ Best Friend”. A best friend is someone you give value over to other friends in your life, someone you have more fun with and someone you trust the most. The first person you call when you have good or bad news. Someone you have faith in.

In childhood, relationships were simple. You could make an instant friend by simple conversation and by sharing things. But when you reach adulthood It takes effort to win friendships. Sometimes when you feel loneliness and need a companion you can share your thoughts.

In fact, there are a variety of reasons why people have difficulty making new friends. Finding people with whom they can communicate is a major issue for some people. Many of us lead busy and hectic lives that make it difficult to hang out and meet new people. Others may have difficulty understanding and responding to social issues.

Our social abilities might rust over time, especially if we don’t engage with as many people as we’d wanted. There may be some reasons for not making as many friends as needed. Maybe you work from home and spend a lot of time at home and do not go outside to meet new people. It is also possible that you have such a hectic schedule that prevents you from living a good social life. This can be one of the most difficult aspects of finding new acquaintances as an adult, regardless of your circumstances. There may be other reasons too. You have to look into these reasons to find a suitable solution.

The first step is to find a reason that is preventing you from making friends. The following are the possible reasons :

Why Can’t We Make Friends?

1- Busy Schedule:

Busy life is the main reason that prevents you from making friends. You have a busy and hectic schedule and don’t have enough time to go outside and to meet new people. This habit becomes so firm that you would like to remain alone at home. Sometimes, busy life changes your behavior in such manner that you become slave of it and even you don’t interact with your family members. You keep yourself closed in one room. This makes you feel lonely and depressed. This destroys your relationships with your loved ones. You become obsessed with negative thoughts and your mental health is ruined.

2- Social Media Puppets:

Social media is prevailing everywhere. Young people have become social media puppets. They have become slaves of social media. They are living artificial lives. They do not interact physically with others. They spend hours and hours on social media. You should keep in mind that nature is everything. People who are closer to nature live a healthy life.In past people liked to interact and communicate with people. They used to meet in the evening. They spent time with their loved ones. They had a lot of time for others. Now, people spend time on social media and real physical interaction is lessened to maximum, resulting in less interaction and friendships.

Social media is badly affecting social life. They may have bigger social circles on social media but they cannot spend quality time with them.So, live a real life and break the shell of loneliness.

3- Selfishness Vs Sincerity:

Everyone needs a sincere friend. You know that sincerity is the key to making good friends. Sincerity, gives you a group of devotee friends.Friends that would be ready to do everything for you. On the other hand, selfishness humiliates you in society. Maybe you would be able to get some temporary benefits but in the long term you would find yourself alone in the journey of life. No one will love you.

People don’t like to make friends who are selfish. Friendship is the boat that sails in the ocean of sincerity.

4- Talkativeness:

In modern societies people have a busy and hectic life. Many people have stressful days and they need a person with whom they can share their thoughts and feelings.They want to share their worries, hopes, happiness and sorrows.

If you are a good listener then you definitely would have a big circle of friends. If you are talkative and do not listen to others this can  ruin your friendship circle. Talkativeness may prevent you from making great friends. People would avoid you and dislike you if you are talkative.

 Talkativeness at a moderate level is a good thing but excessive is bad enough to shrink your friendship circle.

5- Don’t Care:

Care is a precious gem that makes you a hero in real life.If you don’t care about what is going on in your friends’ lives, you can lose friends. It’s crucial to express concern for your friends‘ feelings. People will feel bad if you don’t ask them or care about their problems. Always show care for people around you and help them out in difficult times.Treat people with affection, love and care.

But keep one thing in mind that don’t be obsessed with others and breach their privacy. Things are beautiful when they happen at a moderate level.

6- Jealousy:

Everyone gets for what he/she efforts. Jealousy is such a bad thing that ruins your relationships and prevents you from making new friends in future. You become a prisoner of your own ego. You cannot think except for yourself.

People like those who are sincere, listen to them, care for them and admire them. Get rid of this social evil called jealousy and open the door to a new horizon of relationships and friendships.


Shyness is a personal hindrance that prevents you from making friends and developing positive relationships. Shyness is the worst enemy of your confidence and whereas confidence is the main key to success. You should develop confidence in yourself. Control your shyness and it will open the door of new friendships for you. Sometimes great friends are waiting for you but you lose them due to your shyness.

It is easy to overcome your shyness and to build confidence in yourself. You have to change your tone. You need to get some good communication skills. You must know your strengths to overcome your shyness.

8-Internal Fear:

Internal fear is the main reason to start a new conversation. Conversation is necessary to make new friends and good relationships. Internal fear stops you from getting whatever you want in your life such as your love and friendship. Internal fear is such a bad thing that takes away your love from you.

 It is important to overcome your internal fear to develop healthy relationships and to get love in your life that can make you live a happy life of your own choice.

10- Anger:

Anger can damage your love relationships and friendships.You can lose the person you love the most. Anger can blow up your friendships and relationships in seconds.

Anger is like a tornado that ruins everything and the loss is irreversible. For a good and healthy relationship it is necessary to be humble, have patience and show love in your behavior.

 Don’t show anger with your loved ones and always talk with affection and care that can cultivate love in their hearts.

11-  Privacy:

Privacy is the right of everyone. People interfere in the privacy of their partners and friends. It can spoil your relationships. Don’t peek into the life of your love. It is a very bad habit to peep into the life of others. If you want to give a long life to your relationships then care for the privacy of others.

People like those people that care for their privacy. Many people, due to their suspicious nature, spoil their relationships.

12- Malice and Hatred Heart:

Hatred and malice is such a poison that spoils  relationships. People who have a malicious heart cannot get true friendship and love in their life. Malice and hatred is such a poison that destroys your personality. You cannot make friends. You cannot develop healthy relationships. It restricts you from spending quality time with your loved ones.

13- Level of Expectations:

High levels of expectations are another cause that prevents us from making new friends. When we have big expectations from people then we are at risk that our expectations can be broken. Every human has some errors. If we have low expectations from others then our heart is satisfied with them. Low expectations make you ignore the mistakes of your loved ones and vice versa. Always consider others as normal humans.

When a man falls from the peak of big expectations it ruins all relationships.

14- Overconfidence:

Confidence is good to influence others and develop healthy relationships. On the other hand, overconfidence ruins everything. People who are overconfident see from behind the glasses of superiority complex. They don’t give respect and importance to others and spoil relationships. So, you must get rid of overconfidence if you want to win the hearts of other people.

15- Lack of Tolerance:

Different people have different points of view. It is the beauty of relationships to give respect to others point of view. There may be differences but it is necessary to tolerate them with humble and honor. Enforcing your point of view on others can spoil precious relationships.Moreover, it can also prevent you from making good friends and to earn respect in your social circle.

Summary of Key Points:

If you want to win the hearts and minds of people you must have a balanced personality that should consist of love, respect, patience, confidence and tolerance. A man with a golden heart can rule over other’s hearts. Get your heart free of hate, jealousy, anger and dishonesty.

If making new friends and keeping healthy relations with them has become more difficult for you, follow the under mentioned tips that can change your life.

How to Make Friends Fast???

The Following are the tips and secrets that can make you popular among your social circles. If you follow them wisely you can influence others’ hearts and minds. You can carve deep love and respect in people’s hearts by following these secret tips:

1- Love, Love and Love :

Love is such a medicine that works in all conditions. This medicine cures all behavioral diseases. When you treat people with love, affection and respect they begin to think about you. This is the first step to influence people’s behavior. You can start to rule over the hearts of people with this step. They will think about you when they are in trouble.  They will feel comfortable in your company. They would love to listen to you.

Now, it is time to give them sincere pieces of advice and to stand with them in difficult times.This step will let people build trust in you. They will have good faith in you. They will begin to follow your instructions. So, if you want to influence people, always choose love as your first priority.

2- Trust Yourself:

No one can conquer the world if he cannot conquer his own inner-self. It is very important to build trust in yourself. It is that key that can open the door of success for you. If you have trust in yourself, it can influence the people around you. Self-trust also plays an important role in mental, emotional and physical health and brings success in many areas of life. Even its long lasting effects last during the lifetime of an individual.

Positive feedback and a good attitude towards yourself also plays a very important role in your future life. Some call it pride and arrogance which is not true because self-trust  means how much you respect yourself in your eyes.

So, control over your body can bring control over the world. Always talk confidently. If you trust yourself people will trust you. It is very important to make people trust you. So, self trust can influence people to follow your advice and instructions.

Self trust is necessary to make new friends. It is also crucial to lead a happy life with your loved ones. This ability is not only useful to make new friends but also to get back your love too.

3- Sincerity and Loyalty :

Sincerity and loyalty is rare nowadays. People need loyal and sincere friends.  Everyone is in search of sincere and loyal friends but no one tries to be sincere and loyal. You have to have loyalty if you want to have a big circle of good friends.

 You just have to create love in the hearts of others by your loyalty and sincerity. This will make you popular with people around you.

 Always keep in mind that just as you love your friend, he loves you.

“Always focus on the friend’s friendship, not the friend’s weaknesses and flaws.”

If you want to have good friends you have to ignore their weaknesses.

We saw many people of different ages, races and religions. Some look worried and some happy. You can notice that the faces of some people are blushing with happiness. This happiness comes with inner peace and love.You can also get your face blushed with happiness which comes through inner peace.

Inner peace comes from loyalty and sincerity. When you are sincere and loyal with people around you, you must get sincerity and loyalty in return.

Sincerity and loyalty give birth to inner peace which appears in the shape of happiness on your face. “Your face shines like a moon when you feel loved and have inner peace.”

4- Friendship Doesn’t Depends On Beauty :

Everyone has a beautiful face. Do not think about it from the perspective of others. Don’t think what others think about you.When you become very confused about your appearance and face, it leads you to an inferiority complex.inferiority complex of any kind is extremely harmful for every person.

 A person fails to make friends because of an inferiority complex. He suffers from this feeling and keeps thinking about himself and his focus is only on his own shortcomings. This feeling of inferiority complex restricts his abilities that are necessary to make good friends. 

Don’t think about yourself too much. It is a very useless habit. You can change your appearance to become more attractive. Nowadays, there are many modern ways to do so. You can change your hairstyle to look more attractive and beautiful.You have to have a look about your clothes. Clothes can dramatically change your personality and appearance. Men and women both can benefit from changing in clothing and hairstyles to look more attractive.  Simple changes can give you  big benefits.

Women should know about make-up trends. Follow simple but unique makeup trends to make yourself more attractive.On the other hand men should pay attention to their clothing styles to make their personality good.

5-Smiling Face:

People like to see smiling faces. Everyone has to face many difficulties in life, but those who face these difficulties with a smiling face become successful persons in life. A pleasant smile should always play on your face that will attract people around you. They will like to talk to you. They will enjoy your company.

You should have a blushing and smiling face. This smile will give you courage to fight and face worries of daily life. Difficulties and disappointments cannot harm you, but this feeling will automatically end your troubles. It will make you brave and your personality become like a magnet. People will be attracted to you to become your friends and well wishers.

“You can win the hearts of people with a smiling face.”

 Don’t ever think that you cannot make friends. Your smile is your weapon.Use it wisely and conquer the world.

6-Understand Humans:

Everyone is born with unique habits and personality. People are like machines. You can get maximum performance when you know how to operate them well.

In this way you should know about the nature, habits, mood, emotions and personality of folks around you. It is a better way to deal with them. Ignore their weaknesses and encourage their good habits. This step will make you popular among people around you. Your friend circle will become bigger and bigger. People will love you to talk and sit in your company.

Listen to them and give them quality time. Understand their emotions, their happiness, sorrows and much more. Stand with your loved ones like a big stone, giving them the feeling that they are not alone…. You are with them.You will become their hope. They will shower their love on you.

Understanding people is necessary to influence their minds and hearts. Proper understanding of their emotions will facilitate you to deal with them correctly. If you want to rule over their hearts, understand them first.

7-Don’t Hesitate Meeting New People:

If you hesitate meeting new people, you cannot make new friends.  If you hesitate meeting new people, you should analyze yourself,” why are you hesitating?” This will let you know the weakness of your personality. A critical review of your personality will disclose your personality traits. It is very necessary to find out the reason for hesitation of meeting new people.

Meeting new people is a good way to make new friends and broaden your friendship circle. Meeting new people has also many other benefits such as it will increase your experience to analyze the personalities of different people. You can understand their nature and emotions. Meeting new people will make you learn how to deal with different people of different traits. It will increase your patience and tolerance level making you more favorite for friendships.

Meeting new people will open the door of success, confidence and friendships.You can find a dream friend… you always wanted. So, don’t hesitate to meet new people in your town. Go and hangout with new people and test your destiny.

8- Read Humans Not Books

If you want to make new and good friends you should read humans instead of books. Every human is like a unique book. If you are able to read and understand it, you can make as many friends as desired. You can influence others when you are able to understand them.

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to ourselves. They are lost in their joys and sorrows. Wherever they are, they have their own personality in front of them. Their lives go on at the same level. Doing something new out of the ordinary becomes a difficult problem for them. Their interests are limited to their own personality.

They make themselves a prisoner of their personality. They live their lives in a bonded circle of desires. As time passes they become alone.  They found no one as a good friend or partner.

Think of other people whom you meet in daily life such as shopkeeper, hairdresser, newspaper boy, pizza delivery boy, watch-man and a teacher.There is a huge list of people you meet daily but you don’t pay attention. These are all living people. Obviously these people are living a life that is completely different from your life. If you talk to them in a friendly way, they may become your sincere friend. There will be sincerity and love in their relationship. Remember that everyone has their own point of view about life. They may have had a variety of interesting experiences in their lives. They would also have many interesting and unique things to tell you. Listening to them will definitely increase your knowledge and experience and can groom your personality.Now, you will be ready to handle different behaviors of different people which is necessary to make good friends.

9- Be Polite and Decent:

It is necessary to be polite and decent with people around you. Good  people are always cheerful everywhere. It never happens that in the gathering of friends he is cheerful and polite and at home he is harsh. He treats people with love and compassion. This quality is very beneficial to make a lot of good friends in no time.

“A good man ignores the mistakes and does not mention the faults and shortcomings of others. He always tries not to humiliate others.

He does not try to justify his own behavior by pointing out the faults and sins of others. Whenever he gets a chance he forgives the mistakes of others and does it with love, compassion and sincerity.

Remember that no matter how small or trivial a person may be, you can learn something new from him. So it is of much importance that you should treat everyone with love and respect. If you want people to trust you, you need to create an atmosphere of mutual trust so that the person does not hesitate to share his or her problem with you.

If you develop this quality in yourself, you will find that your relationships with people are much better than before.

Because of this quality, people will always remember and trust you.Even if you are not there, people will still remember you in their kind words. In this way you will be able to develop such a relationship with people that cannot be ruined by anyone.

10- Communicational Management:

Communication plays an important role in making new friends. If you want people like you, you should not only learn how to talk but also learn how to listen to them patiently.You should develop a habit of listening to others.

One-way communication is not a good habit during conversations. Therefore, it is a very bad habit to speak and not give a chance to others to speak.

We make friends who are the same in nature. Boring details should be avoided during the conversation and efforts should be made to convey the meaning in the least amount of words and speak in such a way as to affect the other person. There are some people who go on talking nonsense. The result of this bad habit is that people start to shy away from them and disappear as soon as they see their face. Obviously no one can waste their time listening to your pointless and pointless talk.

Usually friends have the same likes and dislikes but still imposing one’s opinion on friends is a very wrong move and most of the people do this mistake.This mistake ruins your relationship with your loved ones. When you are talking to a person, understand their feelings and emotions.

When you make a new friend, he listens to you and does not show boredom even though he is bored. But if you make it a habit to be talkative and not think that the other person is getting bored or depressed, the result will be that the behavior of the people will change towards, they will begin to avoid you. You should be a person that listens to them and cares for them.

When a person meets you, he should feel close to you. The act of loving and being kind is the only way that can cultivate this precious quality in you.

Boring details should be avoided during the conversation . Efforts should be made to convey the meaning in the least amount of words. Talk precisely, briefly and effectively. We should not talk nonsense with others,nor should our conversation be pointless and lengthy. There are some people who go on talking without any purpose. The result of this bad habit is that people start to avoid you and do not want to sit in your company. Obviously no one can waste their time listening to your pointless and nonsense talk.

11- Friendship Needs Courage:

Making new friends needs courage and self confidence. Some people are shy and lack confidence. They have no courage to convey their emotions and feelings through conversation. They are not able to describe their emotions to their loved ones.

It is necessary when you meet a person you want to be your friend, just say what is in your heart. Do not hesitate to talk about your feelings and emotions. Talk courageously and confidently to make new friends. Courage is important to maintain healthy relationships with your loved ones.Courage is also crucial for making new friends. If you lack courage, you cannot talk clearly and this will create ambiguity. Ambiguity can ruin relationships. Discuss all matters honestly with great courage.

If you take a step to make new friends and you fail, you should have courage. Do not lose hope, just try again and you will find your true friend.

“Failure is the ladder of success through which you can reach success.”

You need courage, love, patience and confidence to make a big circle of friends. All these are the qualities of a successful man. You can conquer the world with courage and patience.

“If you ride the horse of courage and control it with patience, it will lead you to success.”

You should meet new people to make good friends. There should be no stillness in life. Life is changing every moment, you should change with it respectively. Always try to talk to new people. Hang out outside with your loved ones to get a better understanding of their feelings. You should have courage to say your feelings to your partner or friend.

When you have a grudge against someone, it is not good to keep it in your heart. If you have a complaint from your friends, you should inform your friends about your complaint so that they also know what is the resentment in your heart. Doing so usually resolves complaints because your friends can offer their clearance.If he or she finds himself / herself wrong can at least apologize for feeling embarrassed. In this way, the bitterness of the heart will disappear automatically.

12- Live a Happy Life:

You can live a happy life with your friends. Always remember that happiness is like an electric wire that enlightens all bulbs attached to it. If you are happy, you can make all people happy around you.

“Depression and sorrowness is like a virus that spreads from one person to another person rapidly”

 Try to avoid meeting people who remain unhappy without any reason.Just keep yourself happy and content.

When you keep yourself happy and smile every time you meet a new person, you transfer your happiness to that person. It gives a positive gesture to that person.

“People like happy and blushing faces, so keep yourself happy.”

A healthy person lives a happy life. Bad times do not make him depressed. He faces all difficulties with courage and patience, and finds happiness from ordinary moments. He does not require any special reason to become happy. He is happy because he wants to be happy.

People want to make friends who are happy and positive in life. This happiness encircles your personality with positivity making you favorite for anyone to be your friend.

13- Express Yourself:

Sometimes misunderstandings occur between partners and friends. Do not keep anything in your heart. Just talk clearly to remove any ambiguity and misunderstanding.

“Small misunderstandings can ruin precious relationships.”

 So, don’t hesitate and say what is in your heart. This relaxes the mind and gives peace of mind.This is the best way to save your precious relationship.

Friendship is the name of a person who trusts you, sympathizes with you, supports you when needed, speaks his heart out and shares his feelings, emotions, joys and sorrows. Develop a relationship that is based on love, share and respect. We give much to ourselves . Sometimes we are proud . We are very sensitive about our dignity and self respect. We don’t want that someone to know how we feel about him or her.So when we like someone, instead of expressing our feelings clearly, we try to make the other person unaware of our emotions about him or her. This hesitation prevents us from making a good friend or to developing a healthy relationship with our loved ones. It is very crucial to move forward and take a step towards making friends that can fill your life with happiness. Making new friends can fill the vacuum of your personality.

Expressing your emotions is very important to get what you want in your life. Expressing your feelings in a proper way is the best policy to maintain good relations with your friends and vice versa.

14- Love For All:

Love is a very essential component of our lives. No one can survive without love. Treat people with love and affection.Always help the people who are in need.  Most people often think that people don’t care about them. If you pay a little attention to these people, you will see that they are taking more interest in the environment around them. A person who is bedridden or confined to a fence of his own personality will find great encouragement when you care about him. In this way you will be able to earn the respect and trust of people around you. In return, they will give you respect, love and sincerity and will stand beside you when you are in trouble.

You can influence others with your love. They will listen to you and follow your instructions.You can rule over their hearts with love. They will take you as their well wisher. People need sympathy, love and care. Make them their sincere friend with the help of your love and care. Sometimes, you will find that they are your best asset in life.

Making friends is fun and an adventure.You meet new people of different nature. You can have an opportunity to analyze their emotions,feelings and preferences. It is not an easy task to make good friends and enlarge your friendship circle.It requires time and expertise to understand people of different nature. It will give you a chance to make yourself a strong man. Making new friends needs patience and tolerance. If you use this opportunity properly you can versatile your personality composed of love, respect, care, patience and tolerance.These qualities are necessary for success and an advancement in your future life. Your social life will be fantastic very soon.

15- Lessen use of Social Media:

Almost everyone is addicted to social media. Social media is good if used with moderation. Social media can be a good source of finding new people. But meeting new people in real life has much importance. Social media has changed our social lives.They spend hours and hours daily on social media preventing them from spending good time with friends.It is ruining precious relationships in life.

In the old days people used to go outside with family and friends to hang out and spend quality time with their loved ones. But social media has changed everything dramatically.People prefer social media chatting rather than face to face meeting with new people in real life. Every folk is busy on social media. They are busy in their own lives. They do not give quality time to their loved ones to make relationships stronger and durable. They don’t have time to listen to their problems. They do not spend much time with family and friends.

If you want to make good friends, hang out with them. Communication gaps must be removed to understand each other. Face to face meeting is necessary to find similarities and similarities between both of you. It will help you to find out weaknesses and strengths of both of you. You can have a better understanding of your personalities.

It is undeniable the importance of social media in our life.

The key point is that social media must be used moderately along with real life fun.”

Sitting in one room and avoiding friends and family is not a good idea. Make your life happy by spending time with friends and family. It will help you to maintain good and healthy relationships with your loved ones.

16- Make Wise Decisions:

Life always depends on decisions that you make at different times. Wise decisions can make your life happy and vice versa.Only one decision can change your whole life. It can make your life like hell or paradise. Relationships also depend on your decisions. Always make the right choice while choosing your friends or a partner. It is only possible to make rational decisions when you spend time with people you want to make them a part of your life.

A critical review is necessary before you make a decision. It is important to understand that making a friend or breaking up with a friend requires a wise decision. The decision should be rational and must be carried out with patience.

“Decisions that are taken in hassle or in anger can destroy your social life.”

Think 100 times before you make a decision. Once a decision is made rationally should not be withdrawn. Emotional and weak decisions can affect your whole life. To have a good social life you need wise decisions to be made.

17- Patience and Tolerance:

Patience and tolerance are both elements of success. Without patience and tolerance no one can win the hearts of people. These are the qualities of successful persons. If you study history, you would find that every one who ruled over the hearts of the public had a great patience and tolerance in their personalities.

Patience and tolerance help you to make your personality balanced.

“Ignoring people’s mistakes helps you to win the hearts of people around you.”

Patience and tolerance make you internally strong. You can view the world with a new point of view. You will find the beauty of the hearts of  different people. When you will ignore mistakes and forgive them without any reason, it will make you a great man in the eyes of people. They will love and respect you. They will honor you by following your instructions. You can influence their thoughts and emotions. They will listen to you carefully. Patience and tolerance help you to conquer the world.

“All great men had Patience and tolerance confined to their personalities.”

These qualities make you different from ordinary people. You can manage difficult times with the help of patience.

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