Frog Marriage India

Frogs were married to get rain, but after a lot of rain, they got divorced

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Frog marriages between male and female are carried out at religious ceremonies in India to end the drought. When two frogs got married last year, it happened by accident that it rained so much that people became tired of it and the couple decided to get divorced. This is an intriguing incident in this context.

Frog Marriage India For Rain
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Frog marriages are a traditional element of old religious rites in India during a drought, and the wedding took place in the city of Bhopal.

The sky opened and it rained a lot when two frogs got married in Bhopal. It was done to appease the rain goddess Indra.

Then, when people wished for rain, a particularly damaging storm fell as a result of the couple of frogs’ intense love, leading to their divorce.

Reporters were told by a group of wedding planners that Bhopal’s surrounding villages were affected by the rains. An organisation by the name of Om Siva Seva Shakti Mandal planned the wedding, and the frogs were divorced in a separate ceremony that took place after a significant downpour. Both ceremonies took place in the Shiva temple.

The group anticipated that by doing this, the rains would cease and the region would be spared from being destroyed.

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