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Emilia Clarke can still speak after two brain aneurysms.

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Emilia Clarke is back after danger surgery It’s a miracle

Emilia Clarke had two brain aneurysms, which left “quite a bit missing” from her brain.

The “Game of Thrones” actress underwent life-saving surgery in the wake of two cerebral blood vessel inflating incidents that occurred in 2011 and 2013.

And the 35-year-old Emlia Clarke described how she tried to “regain awareness” after her aneurysm by using phrases from the popular fantasy series, in which Emilia Clarke played Daenerys Targaryen, and she expressed gratitude that she is still able to speak.

Emilia Clarke remembered the experience when speaking on the Media “Sunday Morning” with Sophie Raworth. “It was simply the most agonising pain, massive vomiting, trying to regain consciousness; I kept asking myself all these questions,” she said.

I had a hilarious habit of repeating show dialogue in my brain. It is bad for your brain if you have a headache and are vomiting up.

“Game of Thrones was beneficial in sweeping me up and giving me that purpose. I was 22 ….when Emilia Clarke suffered the first aneurysm.

“Considering how much of my brain is no longer functional, it’s amazing that I can speak, occasionally with some intelligence, and lead a fully normal life without experiencing any negative effects.

I belong to the extremely, extremely, extremely small minority of people who can endure that.

There’s a lot missing, which usually makes me giggle, she continued.

“Because with a stroke, the affected area of the brain effectively disappears the moment it loses blood for a little period of time.

The blood then takes an alternative path to avoid obstacles, but whatever was absent is now lost. It sort of demonstrates how little mental power we truly employ.

After undergoing emergency surgery, Emilia returned right away to her job on the HBO programme. Emilia Clarke previously claimed that because she was worried about having another aneurysm continually while working on set, she had anxiety.

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