brt bus sold Rs. 288 144 Rs

158 BRT buses to be sold for 32000 to pvt company in just Rs 288 and Rs144

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158 BRT buses to be sold for 32000 to pvt company in just Rs288 and Rs144

After ten years, the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) buses in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s provincial capital would be handed over to a private business at exceptionally low pricing.

According to media sources, Chief Executive Officer of Trans Peshawar, the buses that have been in operation for 12 years or have travelled about 1.2 million kilometres will be transferred to the private firm as part of the arrangement. He further said that the government will be unaffected by this.

The firm will purchase the 18-metre-long bus for Rs288 and the 12-metre-long vehicle for Rs144. A single bus originally cost Rs40 million.

The private firm and Trans Peshawar reached a deal 2 years ago, including that the buses will be given over to the corporation after 12 years.
The KP government spent Rs4.23 billion on 158 BRT vehicles.
As per international norms, the buses may only work for a limited time.

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